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What Is The Foundry?

Why The Masterclass?

This Course is Designed to Help You...

  • Tell the Right Story

    Create an actionable message strategy for your website that will get people to convert

  • Set Perfect Goals

    Target the right numbers so you know exactly where your company should be and what metrics you should track

  • Build a Flawless Marketing Strategy

    Construct a fool-proof campaign system that will easily generate new leads every time

The Foundry Masterclass Only $499

Discover a Better Way to Generate Exceptional Customers and Change Your Business Trajectory Forever

"Using the assessment Web Canopy Studio calls the Foundry as our first step, we were blown away by the depth of the assessment performed, but even more impressed with their guidance and recommendations for our marketing direction."

- Ray Taylor, Franciscan Media

The 4-Step Process

There are just 4 steps to transforming your business growth potential. We've broken down the Masterclass into easily digestible sections, each one devoted to a single step in the process. Here are the steps to growing your business to its full potential:

  • Discover Your Audience

    Most people fail in their marketing because they talk about themselves. We'll show you how to build your strategy around Voice of Customer Research, and let your customers do the talking.

  • Build a Message Framework

    Using our guides and resources to create the perfect content, you'll know exactly what kind of information to use on your site. You'll also learn how to lay out your website to generate high-quality leads.

  • Align Your Marketing & Sales

    Define a clear path for ensuring your marketing and sales strategies are in sync. You'll understand exactly how many leads you need each month to hit your sales goals.

  • Execute a 6-Month Marketing Plan

    Gather the most important info from the previous sections per our guides and resources, and implement them into our fool-proof marketing strategy outline.

Brian Halligan, Co-founder & CEO, HubSpot

Brian Halligan, Co-founder & CEO, HubSpot

"John and the team at Web Canopy Studio get what it takes to help companies grow successfully. Their growth-driven design and inbound marketing focus are a best practice-approach to building better businesses."

Only for $499

Open For Enrollment NOW for Limited Time Only

The Masterclass will close soon!

Digital guides + messaging videos + marketing action plan videos + private group for extended learning

4+ Hours Of Videos Include:

  • 4 self-paced course modules
  • 27 easily-digestible videos for quick viewing
  • Marketing strategy templates you can swipe for your own use
  • 20+ bonus resources, guides, and templates
  • Invite to a private Facebook Group of like-minded business owners, including exclusive content, Q&A with John Aikin and other Web Canopy staff
  • How to build your unique content & blog strategy
  • How to lay out your website for lead conversion
  • How to nurture leads into customers
  • Every component of the strategic marketing campaign explained in full
  • All the goal setting, call scripts, and discovery elements laid out in detail
  • and more!

Written Resource Guides Include:

  • Everything you need before you start a campaign
  • Call scripts, outlines, and definitions
  • Templates for goal setting and aligning marketing & sales
  • All the guides you need for discovery and implementation
  • Lists of the "go-to" resources for software and products

Private Facebook Group Includes:

  • Bonus training videos
  • Live Q&A with John & Web Canopy Staff
  • Access to several other like-minded businesses who are solving the exact problems you are
  • Access to exclusive first time offers and deals on additional templates, promos, and products before anyone else!

This is for a limited time only! The Masterclass will close soon

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The Masterclass Is Lead By:

John Aikin


John Aikin

John is the CEO of Web Canopy Studio, and has built his agency from the ground up, servicing thousands of HubSpot customers and helping them grow their businesses. When at the office, he spends his time motivating and building his team, focusing on improving the overall experience clients receive from Web Canopy Studio. He has built a dependable and goal oriented team that is inspired to set the bar for delivering quality work, setting industry standards, and streamlining inbound and UXD processes. John received his education at Purdue University and has spoken across the US and Europe on topics of trending design and software, inbound marketing, and scaling your agency.

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If you're feeling stuck in your marketing, if your job is at stake, or if you need to increase revenue to turn your company around, this Masterclass was designed perfectly for you. 

This is a proven system, and it works.

Don't waste your time on excess marketing when you can start winning on your own now!

 The Foundry is the exact process we use internally and has helped build our agency into a top-tier Diamond HubSpot Partner.

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What Are You Waiting For?

The Foundry Masterclass helps people who are nervous, concerned, and struggling with growing their business to become confident, excited, and successful business owners and marketers. If you need to figure out a way to land more customers, talk about your company, and solve revenue issues, the Foundry Masterclass is designed perfectly for you.
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