What Is This Workshop About?

NOTE - this is live workshop that was pre-recorded. You are signing up to watch the sessions and do the activities at your own pace!

This is a 6-week action-packed workshop, designed to show agencies how to generate better agency leads, sell stronger services, increase profit, and expand their reach. We open the doors and walk through the topics listed below.

Who Is This For?

If you are a small or growing agency who just can't seem to break through the ceiling, who just can't seem to increase your revenue, who just can't seem to get the right kind of clients and are stuck with low paying customers... This is for you!

Workshop Sessions

Each week will be comprised of 1 individual session

  • Agency Lead Generation
    (Week 1)

    How do you generate leads in your agency? This session focuses on strategies for generating new leads and filling your agency funnel

  • Landing Clients
    (Week 2)

    How do you close more clients? This session outlines tips and processes that I use at Web Canopy Studio to win new business and bring on retainers

  • Scaling Systems
    (Week 3)

    How do you grow internally? This session will be an introduction to project management and company organization in order to scale your agency

  • Structuring Inbound Services
    (Week 4)

    How do you implement inbound for your clients? This session is about how to build an easy-to-replicate inbound framework in 2019 for all of your retainers

  • Quick Win Strategy
    (Week 5)

    How do you deliver results right away? This session is about delivering quick win strategies for your clients from the start so they see results immediately

  • Signs You're Going To Be Fired
    (Week 6)

    How do you keep your clients from canceling their contract? This session is about predicting when clients are unhappy and what to do in order to fix the problem


What Others Are Saying About This Workshop

Maria Rossella Scarpa- SDWWG

Amazing Experience

Maria Rossella Scarpa- SDWWG

"I need to say thank you to John for the 2-day workshop in Milan. All he said was a punch in the stomach for web agency stability, and it's also the starting point for changing our mindset as an agency. I need to say thank you to the other participants. Their questions were in line with ours, which made us feel less alone in this confusing market! It was really interesting. I hope to see John soon, Maybe in another workshop :)"
Kenny Lange, The PHNX21creative Agency

Kenny Lange, The PHNX21creative Agency

"John and the team at WCS are some of the smartest, most innovative, and helpful people I've met! They are actively executing everything they teach in their class and give above and beyond to anyone who asks. I'm thankful I was able to participate in their workshop earlier this year."
Brendon Dennewill, Denamico Inc.

Brendon Dennewill, Denamico Inc.

"John and his team at Web Canopy Studio are not only really good at what they do, they're also very generous about teaching and sharing what works and what doesn't. They truly embody what it means to be Inbound."
Laurent ANNET, WSI Marketing Digital, WSI

Laurent ANNET, WSI Marketing Digital, WSI

"I highly recommend John for his experience in Inbound Marketing. During the Inbound Marketing training for Digital Agencies in Paris, he showed us that not only he was mastering all the concepts of inbound marketing and inbound sales, but also he had significant success stories to highlight, based on solid and proven implementation processes."

Where Will The Workshop Take Place?


While this workshop is online, John has given the agency workshops all around the world in person. The HubSpot specific workshops in Paris and Milan were an incredible success. 

John will show you the proper way to scale your agency and bring on better clients to change the trajectory of your business forever. 

You will learn how to land more retainers, run a more profitable agency, how to plan and hire appropriately, and how to structure your agency for growth.

Have you ever wondered to yourself:

  • "I wish I could land more inbound clients,"
  • "I need to somehow increase the size of my retainers but can't figure it out,"
  • "I'd love to scale my agency, but I don't know how,"
  • "I can't get people to buy into inbound marketing?"

This workshop is designed to help break down the barriers and the fears that accompany running an agency, and provides the strategies, tools, and necessary resources to launch your agency to success.

You will learn:

  • New techniques for selling inbound & growth driven design
  • How to price your services
  • How to scale your business using structure and core values
  • Ideas and recommendations for better targeting and selling to a qualified audience
  • How to increase lead flow and lead nurturing
  • Starter service engagements to help ease clients into a retainer
  • And more!


Hosted By:

John Aikin


John Aikin

John is the CEO of Web Canopy Studio, and has built his agency from the ground up, servicing thousands of HubSpot customers and helping them grow their businesses. When at the office, he spends his time motivating and building his team, focusing on improving the overall experience clients receive from Web Canopy Studio. He has built a dependable and goal oriented team that is inspired to set the bar for delivering quality work, setting industry standards, and streamlining inbound and UXD processes. John received his education at Purdue University and has spoken across the US and Europe on topics of trending design and software, inbound marketing, and scaling your agency.

Bonus Content

You will walk away with additional resources to help you grow your agency

  • Sales Playbook Templates

    I'll provide you with the playbook I use at Web Canopy Studio in our sales process to help close more business

  • Inbound Marketing Guide

    I'll give you access to the Marketing Strategy Template which is our tailored strategy doc for how we plan campaigns for our clients

  • Webinar and Workflow Swipe Files

    I'll give you the templates I use for our client webinars and premium offers to nurture people into the funnel... among so much more!


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